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What a mid-evil-times knight experiences after being bested in battle. Something knights seek as a way of finding someone worthy enough for them to serve. A knight without humility is a knight without a banner to ride under. What king Arthur teaches Lancelot in Excalibur. The General breaking, humbling, or humiliation of a being, after which they realize they are not invincible and learn their place in the world and respect for others who can, and will, stand them on their head. Similar to what the TV show Bully Beatdown tries to teach the undisciplined. An experence better learned sooner in life while stakes are low, rather than adulthood, when other people will not meet Insolence with patience.
"I am Lancelot of the lake. I have yet to find as king worthy of my sword" "That is a wild boast, you lack a knights humility" "Not a boast, but a curse, for I have never met my match in joust or duel" -Excalibur 1981
by FUBARinfidel October 29, 2013
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