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A Farewell to Glocks takes place at the end of a Counter-Strike: Source game when the server begins to change maps. At this time, everybody on both teams is frozen at their spawn points with a scoreboard in front of them. Everybody who isn't typing then proceeds to buy glocks from the buy menu and toss them to the ground, making a large pile in front of every player. Nobody is quite sure why this takes place, but it can be seen in almost every Counter-Strike: Source server one may encounter.

Note: This practice generally doesn't happen in older versions of Counter-Strike (1.5, 1.6, CZ) because they don't have realtime physics so the guns don't stack nicely.
killuh6969: gg guys
boom_headshot123: hey guys, lets buy a bunch of glocks and throw them on the ground!
killuh6969: A Farewell to Glocks!
boom_headshot123: shut up, thats not even clever
by Skeeter McDougal February 17, 2006
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