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Retarded atheists in their rejection of God propose that the universe arose from literal nothingness. Their "evidence" of this is that particles can arise from the vacuum of space. Unfortunately for the atheist, recent science has revealed the vacuum of space isn't pure nothingness since it contains dark energy, dark matter and electromagnetic fields (amongst others) and therefore the emergence of something from the vacuum is not proof at all of the idea that something can come from nothing.

And if it were possible for a universe to truly arise from nothingness when literally nothing exists (which is impossible but let's entertain the idea for argument's sake) then why can't a god form from nothingness as well? Atheists believe consciousness in the universe formed by itself so why would it be irrational to believe in a consciousness that formed outside of the universe? In fact it would be a given in the atheist's view here since they believe infinite particles are literally forming from nothingness outside of the universe all the time without break and how can they argue that one "universe" did not form with an actual consciousness and is akin to something we might call a god? As we can already see, atheism is a self defeating philosophy.
Given that the universe had a beginning (something that The Big Bang theory tells us), we know it had to come from something since its an effect. The cause I argue would be an eternal energy: God and we can argue this energy is a conscious and intelligent being given the fine tuning of the universe that's agreed upon by physicists. Random processes and mindlessness, given infinity, would still never produce such order in a constant mathematical alignment and observation of nature reveals this.

Some atheists try to get out of the "a universe from nothing" argument their position puts them in by arguing that this universe came from a prior one and that universe came from a prior one and so on for infinity but that refuses addressing where the first universe came from. Ultimately there has to a beginning otherwise there's no start.

So we're left with either "something from nothing" (which as explained above, is an idea that easily supports the existence of God too) or the common sense that the universe came from a cause that was eternal (again, as explained above, something that most certainly would have to be God rather than mindlessness).

Atheist fanatics and retards continue to remain scientifically ignorant of physics however, some still even believing in the now debunked "steady state theory" of the universe (which proposes that it never had a beginning but this is refuted by evidence showing an origin point of the universe along with other evidences).
by Atheism is bullshit June 02, 2015
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