It was said in the beatles song "Across the Universe". Most simple translation is:

"I give thanks to Guru Dev (heavenly teacher) om"

Om is just a sound. However a more detailed translation is:

"Jai" means "O Hail" or "Victory to"
"Guru" means "Teacher"
"Deva" means "God/Lord/Demi-God"
"om" some say is the source of all existence that comes from vibration

Note Guru Dev was a Maharishi's teacher
Jai guru deva om
Nothing gonna change my world
Nothing gonna change my world
Nothing gonna change my world
Nothing gonna change my world
by valoem December 22, 2004
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From the ancient Saskrit language.

It means "Victory to God Devine", most accurately. "OM" is the vibration of the universe, with which one who meditates desires to be in tune.
Most popularly:
Jai guru deva OM
nothing's gonna change my world
by nicolear October 18, 2007
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From the Famous Beatles song 'Accross the Universe'

Translation from Sandscript:

Jai translates to praise or honor.
Guru translates to teacher.
Deva translates to Godess.

Deva in 'Across the Universe' ends in A in this song. Actual translation is femine. (i.e. Goddess)
Goddess is the Divine Mother of the Universe (hence Across the Universe)

Om of course is the sound of the universe resonating all around us.

Jai Guru DevA Om
Nothing's gonna change my world.
kelly: are you a feminist now or do you still have a religion?
marcy: i'm a practicing jai guru deva om
by marcY\rock February 17, 2010
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I don't want you to understand a word I am saying, so I will pretend I am from a different country.
In response to questions such as "Where is the nearest bathroom?" you can answer "Jai Guru DeVa Om" and make people think you are either Scottish or Australian.
by White Dude With The Fro April 18, 2010
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