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A Tourist Friend is much like a traditional tourists , but they only "visit" or "vacation" to your friendship instead of actual destinations. A Tourist Friend comes and goes, but mostly goes. They are only there when they want to be and often forget to even speak to you when they aren't "visiting." These people are hipocrites and they should not be taken at their word. These friends often break such common unwritten friend laws such as "Bros before hoes" and "Chicks before dicks." Abandon these friends as they will certainly abandon you...until they come crawling back. They are not worth your time.
Johnathon is a tourists friend. He can never hangout, but says he wants to. Bails all the time, and once he got a girl, he disappeared.

Isabel got a man and now hasn't called in 3 months, despite our 20year friendship. She's such a tourist friend.
by fabocj June 28, 2018
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