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A group of really 'gay' guys, not literal gay, but in terms of man bonding gay. They often think of themselves as the 'shit' but in reality they just look like a bunch handicapped kids with down syndrome.

they are usually outside playing bballs or other physical sports that poor black kids would play. They tend to obnoxiously yell out, "yea Biatch!" or "Who's you're daddy?."

they usually wear basketball shorts, sleeveless t shirts, gay ass sandals or white 'kicks', and a baseball cap. Their body are often extremely bulky and f#$% up, think popeye the sailor but with overgrown tumors.
Example 1
Guy 1: look at the bros playing basketballs, they are really into it.

Guy 2: thats what I call a package of faggetry

Example 2
Guy 1: Those guys look like theyve been to the gym all year. I wonder how they ever have time to study?

Guy 2:You dont need college, when ur a package of faggetry.
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