the day upon which all the finest people are born. this day births legends who are all extremely swag and gorgeous- may you all take over the world
hey its the 7th of november , happy birthday you awesome person
by dumbdefinitons:) April 16, 2021
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Today is the day to tell people the truth of what you think of them
Hey, it’s 7th November. I honestly think you are an idiot.
by Therealcreator November 7, 2019
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Today is the day...
That your BOY best friend, shouts the GIRL best friend anything she wants! 👀🤪😂💛
“Hey step bro, can you shout me something... sure step sis” 😂💀
7th November, 2019
by the_sexy_onesss November 6, 2019
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Alice:Hey babe can you get me new shoes? It’s 7th November!!
Jacob:Uh guess I don’t have a choice
by Good definition November 4, 2021
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