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Doing every single Alaskan _____ in one session. These include but are not limited to the Alaskan earthquake, Alaskan chopsticks, Alaskan crabhammer, Alaskan Gold Rush, and the Alaskan Umbrella. An Alaskan Snow Dragon must be the last sexual act performed. Good luck.
Guy 1: Dude I got to 77th base with sarah last night.

Guy 2: Get away from me you sick mother fucker.
by werewaffle March 22, 2010
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You stick your cock in your friend's phone, while she makes out with Megan Fox, and your left foot is jammed in shit from adolf hitler, who is eating it while dogs are biting his ass and a jew is tape-recording it. Your right foot is in a sea of piss, and the Taliban are in there too, being pulled down by some horny sea lions that are getting to 30th base. You are to stick your right hand in your girlfriend's vag, while licking her breasts, and chuck norris is kissing her ass, while his sperm are gushing into Osama bin laden's ass. Your left hand is holding a corpse that you raped and murdered two years ago.
Arnold: Hey, I may have gotten to 77th base, but I don't feel like I should have to go to jail.

Neo-Nazi asshole: Who the hell was the corpse?!

Arnold: Your son.

Neo-Nazi asshole: Execute him!
by erep dfdasygbfduiygab January 21, 2011
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