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6,78 It sounds like,six,seven ate.Which is a new randition to the play on words.Seven,ate nine.As if to imply the number 7,is in fact eating,it's fellow numbers.
Person 1: Most people believe 7,89 but,it was actually 6,78
Person 2:But what if seven ate nine and six!?
Person 1: Duude! You is sayin seven straight up cannibalized six and no one noticed for dozens of years!?
Person 2: Word,That means 6 and 9 that we see every day are actually imposters...
Person 1: Unless numbers can clone themselves or be reincarnated...In which case 6 and 9 might have the same soul as they did before 7 ate them.
Person 2:Man,I need some sleep!all this weird ass numbers eating other numbers shit,is gunna give me nightmares!
Person 1: yeah me too.Night Bro!
Person 2: Night Bro!
by Maple Tree Magee May 22, 2018
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