A term originating from the video game League of Legends used to emulate swear words. '5m' is censored by the chat filter and became widely known when a reddit thread on /r/leagueoflegends about it made it to the front page. Became a common meme after professional League player Vasilii was caught beating his girlfriend on stream, and commenters began using the term to describe him/his actions.

The post simply stated "I was trying to help one of my friends with physics homework while playing league and I tried to type 2.5m/s2 but it came out as 2.**/s2."
5m this guy

that guy is a 5m

5m confirmed, fuck this guy btw.

lmao this 5m funny
by ShwneZhao October 27, 2017
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The most toxic, attrocious, immoral way to insult someone, which is unacceptable to say nowadays.
by Hawezo October 27, 2017
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slang for $10
i bet 5m on the mcgreggor/mayweather fight
by STOP THEM July 6, 2017
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