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When someone posts something on the internet just prior to you posting the exact same thing on the same message board.

It may result in having to edit your response so you don't look like you are repeating the same information just late to the party.
Person A: My team's best player was just suspended.

Person B: 53 seconds. I was just going to post that.
by SvenFuzzy December 3, 2010
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A moment people who like Boobies enjoy pausing.
Steve Harrington : Do you know who pauses Fast Times at 53 minutes 5 seconds ? People who likes boobies, Robin !
Robin : Ew ! Gross. Don't say Boobies.
Steve : It's not a big deal, okay ? I like Boobies, you like boobies.
by miss_grain_dsel June 16, 2022
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