A teenager from Stranger Things who gives bad dating tips and a popular jock who turned into a doting mother of four.
He deserves someone better than Nancy, but he is too attached to his four kids and baseball bat with nails to date someone.
Steve Harrington's character development is a wonderful thing.
Steve should adopt Dustin.
Steve give me some of that Faberge.
Steve loves Dustin, Mike, Lucas, Max, Mike, and KFC more than Nancy.
by belisantisocial October 31, 2017
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Steve Harrington is a character in Netflix series, who has four children
Steve Harrington is played by Joe Keery
by jesssssss schnappppp January 12, 2019
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Single handedly the best mom that the Hawkins High School basketball team has ever encountered. Uses four puffs of Farrah Fawcett spray to acquire the perfect male hairstyle. After his breakup with Nancy Wheeler he become a devoted mother to Max, Dustin, Lucas, and Mike.
Friend: How are you feeling after the breakup with Tonya?
Person: Eh I could be better but I am going to help my neighbor trap a baby demogorgon in their basement tomorrow.
Friend: Ugh, you are such a Steve Harrington.
by gary the good looking potato January 2, 2018
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A recurring character from Stranger Things
.a former jock
.mother of the year
.devoted to his 4 kids and his baseball bat with nails in it
.clearly the best character of season 3
.official mother of Dustin
Example 1:
Friend: who is the best mom to ever exist?
Me: Steve Harrington
Friend: But he doesn’t have kids
Me: Are you forgetting Dustin, Lucas, Will and Mike?

Example 2:
Me: Sorry I can’t come out today my younger cousins are coming around
Friend: Wow you’re such a Steve Harrington.
Me: I’m gonna take that as a compliment
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Steve Harrington is so hot I wanna marry him
by I love Steve Harrington July 26, 2019
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Steve Harrington is a character from stranger things and is an awesome mother of four. He is always accompanied t his basketball games by his kids and he works a part time job at scoops ahoy to save up for that mini van for the family. He is constantly working his but if for the family to keep them in line.
“Steve Harrington is such a great mom
by ComingFromALøser October 23, 2019
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