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4-knot-shit-box; a small, older sailboat used for casual sailboat racing, so named because it's maximum speed is governed by the concept of hull speed where hull speed in knots = 1.34 x the square root of the length of the vessel's waterline in feet. Manufactured in huge numbers in the 70's and 80's they can now be had for almost nothing as the cost of mooring one for a year frequently exceeds the resale value of the boat. The term likely gained popularity on the discussion website
bbs sailor1: Thinking of getting a 4ksb for beercan races and whatnot. Any recommendations on something that sails well but will fit in a 25' slip?

bbs sailor2: Check your local one-design fleets, but Cal 25s, Catalina 27s, and San Juan 24s all fit the bill.
by stormpetrel July 02, 2012
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