You're 4N just from looking up what 4N means
by Elf Smith July 9, 2013
No Job, No Life, No Kids, No Wife
i.e. the 4 N's

Credited to anime fans :)
<sqz> firestorm: do you ever fscking sleep?!
<sqz> firestorm: you are ALWAYS in this irc channel every time I come here!
<firestorm> yup..
<Spacer> lol no job no life no kids no wife
<@Uriel> 4N
by sqz January 27, 2007
Ain't nobody out here for me. Well at least 4n.
by huhuhuhu345 April 10, 2022
A reference to Florida rapper Yung 4n, saying that anything not relating to Yung 4n is “borin”.
If it ain’t 4n it borin! Gang shit!
by MyAmiibo June 26, 2022