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haha. I'm kidding. Leave them there until you wake up the next day, but before you close your eyes, make sure you creep the shit out of them by easily dressing in black or something and randomly appearing out of nowhere. Just do something to scare the shit out of them.

I've heard of the different outcomes. So make sure you post here what happened with yours. btw this game is highly impossible to fail at, so don't. Got it? If you fuck the game up and get caught doing the plot, then you just fucked yourself over.

Have fun now.
by SamSaysShit February 06, 2010
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The 4806 (four-eighty-six) game is popularly known and also called the burn test. The game starts by picking your suspect which will obviously be deserving. The plot is to lure them to...let's say a party or something where there will be tons of people. That way, you can slip something into their drink to make them sleepy. Take them out in a large, outdoor open area with only yourself and a couple of friends. Now remember that your friends MUST be stronger than the kid you're fucking with. Once there, tell them an either made up or town legend of something spooky near/about the spot while you're doing that get the others to get ready to attack the kid and be ready with rope or tape or whatever your fucked up hear desires. Once attacked and tied up, your choice is yours. I've seen people strip the person then tape them to a street sign along the road. Another person dressed a male in female clothing. But after all that shit, what you do is the best part. Leave them for death.

"gurrl, we are so going to wreck that little slut tonight in the 4806 Game"
by SamSaysShit February 06, 2010
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