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42 Fake is a term used when you have been set up by a scandalous bitch so that either:
1) She can jack you
2) She sets you up so that some dudes jack you

With a 42 fake, you are always victim of her affection, and she will often sleep with you before the robbery, in order to better gain your trust.

Listen to the song by Mac Dre to learn more (42 fake)
"Last night I got caught up with the 42 fake. That bitch made off with my fuckin tree AND my ipod. If I see that cunt i'm gonna kill her."

"...Well all my shit is missing and the only person there was my girlfriend."
"Haven't you only been going out for a week?"
"Ya but we're in love i swear"
"Nah nigga you just got a 42 fake"

"How a playa gon fall for that 42 fake?" Mac Dre
by BayMacDre October 17, 2010
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