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A person living usually in the area of the city of Toronto. Also seen as someone associated with wealth, nice clothing and big-city thoughts.
Man, those preppy 416ers piss me off.

Don't associate me with those poor-ass 905ers. I'm from the T.
by Justin Kong Sing Cheung January 12, 2006
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A blogger found at also known as the Toronto 416er that writes about many aspects of the Toronto as his centre of the universe.
416er is most familiar with Real Estate, House Construction and Safety, Contracting, but writes about all aspects of Torontonian Living
416er wrote that if I don't get these documents from a contractor I could loose my home if something happens.
I read on 416er that there is a Canadian Air and Space Museum you can through Birthday Parties for kids there.

The more the 416er travels, the better Toronto looks.
by Toronto 416er March 17, 2010
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