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arising at club or similar scene

situation where kreepy perverted guy harasses u & yor ENTIRE group of girls all night long in a desperate attempt to get laid

He offers u drinks which are more than likely spiked with rohypnol, flunitrazepam, ghb or some other date rape drug

when u refuse his "offer" he proceeds directly to the next girl in your group to pathetically hit on her

this species easily recognizable by distinct plumage purchased sometime in the 70's or 80's & which he thinks is still, "bitchin" or "fuckin sweet!"
More than likely it is a brightly colored leisure suit with the shirt unbuttoned to the navel & a gold chain caught in his graying chest hair

this species has also been spotted in a gray or cream suit resembling the type worn by ANY character from Miami Vice & with enough shoulder padding to make a linebacker jealous

invariably this specimen is completely ignorant that he is obsolete, annoying & impotent. any attempts to apprise him of this fact are rendered useless as he typically has an IQ which makes George W. Bush look like a Mensa candidate

the only way to evade this situation is to pretend you do not speak the same language & promptly have a wing(wo)man swoop in & rescue u

feigning lesbianism will not work as he will simply ask to join in or videotape

run away at the first opportunity due to the to the RAGING CASE OF HERPES he contracted in the early 90's
him: hi, my name is liney. would you like a drink?

you: no hablar Inglis.

girlfriend: (swooping in) hey girl! there you are, our cab's here!

(run away quickly from 40-year-old-dude-at-the-club)
by D.Praved February 03, 2010
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