A branded prison term originating in New Mexico. During the gold rush days, dirty prospectors, slung up and filthy off corn made moonshine would hire german refugees with small genitalia to dance and engage in lewd and bawdy acts. Distance echoes of Why, Why, Why could be heard. Often these pin cushions would be called Nick within the meaty circle. Circa 1850's.
I just heard the 3y's, the men must be off the mountain!
by Jimmy Cantelopes April 26, 2011
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Similar to "ily", "ilu" or "iluvu".
Meaning, "I love you," just in shorthand.

An acronym, used by lazy people who refuse to type full words.
Person 1(Texting): Goodnight, i<3y.
Person 2(Texting): i<3u too.
by kthzbai May 28, 2009
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