When someone does a 360 and cums in a girls mouth, then how much percentage of cum in the mouth he gets points which can be converted to money
Damn dude hit that hoe with a 360 no scope, I got 100 points. She better pay up SMH
by Ya mom is gay November 27, 2019
A kill with a sniper rifle performed without scoping in after doing a 360-degree turn, often but not always while jumping down from a height.
I totally owned that noob with a 360 noscope.
by Delbosco October 10, 2021
360 Friend'ly

Right-on Wordage

1. An advanced form of 420 friendly
2. 360 Friendly is cool with all mood altering substances
3. 360 friendly is a person who doesnt care what drugs you do as long as they can do some too.
She pulled out the crack pipe and I said damn!!! Im down. Im 360 friendly. Now lets roll these white dice on this stained mattress.

Hey man. I dont judge. Im Cool 360 all around but you need pants on to enter sir.
by Allon Blackman December 9, 2021
When you give that ash kash deluxe
"Yo you get that 360 bop from your girl last night?"
"Nah It was a dude"
by EsileFN ON TWITCH April 28, 2021
A more intense form of skydiving where you jump out of a plane, and skydive into another plane (thus creating a circle, so 360°). Similar to bonzai skydiving, there is no parachute, so don’t miss.
Guy 1: Hey man, what happened to Steve?
Guy 2: Oh, you didn’t hear. Steve’s 360° skydiving trip went south. He missed the second plane.
Guy 1: Damn...
by Screw-It-I'm-Out April 3, 2018