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the 30 club is a select group of drinkers who are able to drink their own 30 case of beer in 24 hours. Similar to the mile high club, it is an informal "club" that people join as an honor or to prove something to themselves. Their are varying rules which define what is acceptable, such as vomiting or sleeping during the 24 hours. It is generally accepted that sleeping is against the rules and the vomiting is highly frowned upon, as the honor comes from one's ability to drink and retain 30 beers in the said time period without dying.
BM: Do you guys want to try and join the 30 club on Saturday? We can start at 12PM friday and we'll have til 12PM saturday to finish it!
Kev/Trev: No, sorry, we're too big of pussies to try that, remember when we pussed out last year! that's too much beer for me.
BM: yea, i didn't think you guys would...
by Dr. Cock and Balls July 01, 2009
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