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When you want another person to know your attracted to them or if you wonder if they are atrracted to you; use the 3 touch rule.

The 3 touch rule means if person A touches, in any manner whatsoever, Person B 1 time on 3 separate occasions at 1 event then he/she is into you. The more touches the better.
(At Party) I don't know if she likes me like that.
Use the 3 touch rule?
the 3 touch what?
Did she touch you 3 times yet?
Now that you mention it, yes.

She's into you.
by KRONARE December 18, 2014
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It's a thing in Middle school when, your dating a girl, and the first touch is holding hands, the second touch is boobs, and the third touch is the butt.
I don't think Miles will ever be able to do the 3 touch rule to a girl, with a voice like that.
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by El Banana King March 23, 2016
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