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A Vintage ATV or ATC made thriugh the 1970's to 1987. 3 Wheelers are both more light weight and handle better then 4 wheelers If riden by an Experienced rider whom knows how to handle the machine and Not flip it. 3 wheeler production ceased when a lot of un-expirienced riders got hurt or killed on the machines and Sued the Companies whom produced the machines such as Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha. Remember kids, if you ever ride one, they are Not 4 Wheelers and do Not handle the same way as a quad ! Learn to ride before you die ! 3 Wheelers are no more dangerous then Dirt Bikes Or Quads If You Know How To Ride !
The Honda ATC 200x 3 Wheeler was one of the best selling 3 wheelers or ATV's of all time. To quote Honda, " Americas Favorite Honda ATC 200x "
by Disloyal Dashie June 09, 2015
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