Just like Y2K's end of the world theory, 2k12 states that the world ends in 2012.
1: Dude, there's like a year left until 2k12..

2: You're EMO for thinking that

by M-o-C August 07, 2008
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A soon to be, #1 Seller, Basketball game for PS3, Xbox, Wii etc. It's last game (NBA 2k12) was a #1 seller and one of the best basketball games ever created. This game will feature a my player mode, and most of all, the Crew Mode. The crew mode is amazing but has been the same for 2 years now. Hopefully a change is the future.
Yo, TTB Greek and I VeLeNo I killed us in the last NBA 2K12 game.
by JD2647 July 01, 2011
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