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A new band (formed in 2007) from the Los Angeles area, but also travels frequently to New York City. Made up of six guys, who are all quite attractive. Have a really cool sound, and mix a lot of types of music together. Tyler Cordy is the MC, Marc Griffin is the lead singer, Dave Dalton does keyboards, Matt Warshauer (Sauce) is the bassist, Matt Reagan is the guitarist, and Ian O'Neill is the drummer. Best songs include Same Night Sky, Worry About You, and Let Me Down Easy. If you like bands like OneRepublic, Hot Chellae Rae, or anything soulful with great lyrics, check them out. They deserve it, and are very nice to all of their fans. First album released in September 2010 called What Did You Think Was Going To Happen?
Person: Wow, that guy has a great voice, and has some great background music going on! Who is that?
Dedicated Fan: This is 2AM Club! They're gonna be huge some day!!
by 1R2AM June 27, 2011
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-A New York City hip hop group made up of five white guys.

This word should replace the former and racist term Wigger.

It describes white guys who think they can rap, sing and act like they are the shit.

-The guy you would like to take out back and beat with a broom handle.

- The guy who couldn't leave with the chick before time expires so he hangs around at 2am to pick up the chicks who are hammered or tone deaf.
What is that 2am Club looking at me? I'm gonna fuck'em up.

Dude find a chick now or you're gonna be stuck with the rest of the 2am Club.
by Triston NY NY July 30, 2010
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