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When you're out partying with your girls and there's a guy making strange eye contact from across the room, or licks his lips as he approaches you, you yell out "224" to your friends who will come to your side to pretend to talk to you about something important, whisk you away to the bathroom and if necessary, make a human wall so that you can avoid any contact with said approaching creeper. This is also sometimes implemented when a person is talking to you and you didn't think they were initially a creeper but the conversations is quickly devolving into something actually quite creepy.
"Remember when I had to call a 224 Creeper-Code Alert on that guy at the bar last weekend? He seemed okay at first, but then after like 5 minutes, he started talking about us traveling to Barcelona and how I would have his kids one day. "
by TifHub06 February 05, 2017
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