National fucking die day, wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Yigga:“It’s time to January 21”
Higga:“Oh god not again”
And then he committed 21 January
by Gaymanowo January 22, 2020
People born on this day are amazing people and are worth your life. If these people are your significant other you are the luckiest person in the world. These people are very kind people but have a shy side to them too. Once they get to know you better they will be more confident with you. People born on this day will love you forever!!!!
Omg your with someone born on January 21
Yes I am
Your so luckkyyyyy
They are the best
by Stooopid people November 2, 2019
National hug day! You can hug anyone, girl/boy friend, best friend, friend, or even people
Girl: I need a hug
Boy: well it’s January 21 so it’s national hug day
Girl: ❤️❤️
by skskskandioopppp December 8, 2019
The littest day of the FUCLKING YEAR....... if you were born on this day you liveee and don’t need nobody ohhhh and FUCK YOUR EX.
Wait.... your born on January 21? Your cool!
by Crazykid October 16, 2019
The day when thousands of souls call out and exclaim their love of bread. Thus going to the nearest bread store and emptying their pockets for the mighty bread lord.
Guy: hey it’s January 21. We gotta go
Girl: oh right. Our annual sacrifice for bread lord.
by Assbub October 16, 2019
Whoever was born on this day are the baddest bitchs alive. Also if you were born on this day you dgaf
She was born on January 21?? Better watch out she a bad bitch (don’t try her)
by BadbitchzONLY October 20, 2019
January 21: do whatever your crush says
Crush: it’s January 21 give me a hug

You: okay..!
by Vocal_baybee January 21, 2021