The year when 10 year olds were born.
1:When were you born

2:Oh 2010
1:Wow your young

2:Stfu .sorry my parents didn’t have sex in 1961
by Basementperson March 01, 2021
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Worst decade culturally, after coming from the 1990s and 2000s being arguably the 2 best decades ever, you would think the 2010s would also be awesome, right? WRONG!! The early 2010s weren’t great but they were the best part of the decade, so it wasn’t as bad then but since 2014+ it’s become dreadful. Music is rubbish and there aren’t really any counter-cultures and everything is too political and politically correct, Especially in the UK, it’s so dark and destroyed there now. Let’s hope the rest of the 2020s will be great (even though it probably won’t be).
Wow man the 2010s were so dead
by Funeyboi123 February 19, 2021
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Wise-ass definition: The timeframe between January 1, 2010, and December 31, 2019.

Generation definition: The 2010's, at least to me, in 2009. It was a generation marked by the rise of video games, widely used technology, and wifi just about everywhere. The cultural generation of the 2010's began around there too. The 2010's were a generation marked by pop music, and video games such as PVZ, COD, Minecraft, and Fortnite. The generation came to a rather abrupt end on/around March 13, 2020, when the world went into a state of disarray due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The quarantine and separation of everyone inevitably brought an end to 2010's culture, which had to go this year or in the near future.

However, I don't think we've quite entered the 2020's generation just yet. I think we'll look back and see 2020 as a sort of shitty limboland between the 2010's and the 2020's. I don't anticipate 2020's culture will begin until early or mid 2021.

With that said, to everyone reading this, I know that 2020 is a very, very shitty year, it is for almost everyone on the planet (barring some very tiny nations lucky enough to escape the pandemic and other events), but all this madness will eventually end, and we, the young generation, will begin paving the road for the 2020's generation, and only time will show what this generation has to offer.
The 2010's were quite an interesting generation, and their demise was brought on fairly quickly before any of us could even predict it.
by broke ass happy man October 22, 2020
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