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A piece of modern political rhetoric devised to promote political unity between homosexuals and the descendents of savages. An extensive back story for 2 spirited has been fabricated in order to convince Native Americans that their ancestors loved the ghey instead of being proud he-men who killed grizzlies with spears and rocks and she-women who could pop out a baby in the morning and be skinning animals with stone knifes by mid-afternoon.

As with most terms invented by the left, 2 spirited is completely made up and has no basis in actual fact or history, but was created in order to get as many people as possible to promote the hatred of Western culture, the destruction of traditional values and the adoption of socialist policies.
Prof. of Native American studies: "All Native Americans, even if they are not 2 spirited, should help to preserve the culture of the indigenous peoples by joining the Gay Pride March to demand the creation of a national healthcare system."
by theLoneRangerLovesTonto June 10, 2011
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