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A 2 Hole Clap is a very unique and rare occurrence. Only a special breed of woman can ever attain such a skill. It has two requirements (1) a woman must have an extremely elongated pussy lips also known as the labia and (2) severe rectal prolapse, which occurs when the rectum slides out of place and sticks out of ones asshole, turning the rectum inside out.

The 2 Hole Clap occurs when ones elongated pussy lips and rectum flap onto one another when one walks causing a slap or clapping sound.
Woke up drunk in bed with this naked girl. She got up and walked to the bathroom and as she walked I heard this awkward seductive clapping sound. Observing closely I noticed two long protrusions flapping outside of her body. At first I thought I had slept with a tranny again but came to realize that in fact I was experiencing the mythical 2 hole clap - an asshole and pussy hole clap.
by Dingus Dongus July 02, 2018
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