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1ups-man; (pl. 1ups-men) A person who consistently tries to cut someone, or a a group of people down by 1uping an achievement or thing they have done, whilst speaking in a conversation.

Generally frowned upon by society, 1ups-men will not recognise they are a loser until someone informs them.

Even then, they will persistently deny the fact they have lied or that they sound like a douche, until they are blue in the face.

See also (Compulsive Liars & Sames-men)
Eg. 1:

Normal Person: Man, I'm proud of myself, I ran the 100 meters yesterday in 17 seconds. I beat my old record!!

Wranga or other undesirable 1ups-man: Pfft, You think thats good, I ran it in 6!

Normal Person: Fuck off.

Eg. 2:

Normal Person: Man, I got yell at by my mother last night pretty bad.

Wranga or other undesirable 1ups-man: Yeh well, Last night my mother beat me for 3 hours straight and kicked me onto the street where I've lived for the past 4 weeks.

Normal Person: Then why are you in a freshly ironed school uniform? And why do you have a cooked lunch with "See you after 3, Honey" written on it, in your mothers handwriting?

Wranga or Undesirable 1ups-man: Uhh, Duhh, Ummm, *comes to a crushing realisation he/she has a mental health issue linked to a morbid self sense of inadequacy in the eyes of his/her peers, runs to the school toilets and sticks a fork in the electrical socket*
by Amarius March 11, 2010
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