a numerical way to describe an attractive person within the vicinity
“bro you see that girl over there? she’s a total 1616”
by sprintsucks September 23, 2018
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1616 meaning "Praise Paxton". Similar in 88 as to "Heil Hitler". H being the eighth letter in the alphabet, likewise P being the 16th.

This is often chanted by followers of Bill Paxton, who is unknowingly the messiah of a cult that worships his doings. This cult believes that unwavering faith in Paxton will redeem mankind at the end of time. Praise Paxton.
1616, brethren, for all who oppose shall die in the fire set upon the river of blood cut from their throats.
by Joey Joe Joe Jr. the 2nd January 15, 2008
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Тебе нравится девушка, и у нее есть парень. Это и есть правило 1616.
правило 1616
by Reevse.inc April 11, 2020
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you liked the girl, but she walks with the guy - this is rule 1616
by Reevse.inc April 11, 2020
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