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1. a line used in youtube star Nigahiga's video "Snuggle", a parody of "Snuggo" ads.

2. used when someone asks you for your number

3. used when someone asks you for someone else's number

4. an actual website with the moto "What you need, when you need it". The website has many uses including chat and phone number finder.
1. "just call"

2. Dave "Hey girl, what's your number?"

Melissa "1-800-not-a-real-number-dot-com"

3. John "What's Amber's new number?"

Danielle "Why do you need it?"

John "Uhhhh"

Danielle "Why?!?!?! You guys broke up 2 weeks ago!"

John "Blackmail her."

Danielle "No!"

John "Just tell me!!!"

Danielle "1-800-not-a-real-number-dot-com" (Walks away)

4. Scott "How did you get his number?"

Morgan "I found it on the number finder at 1-800-not-a-real-number-dot-com"
by kadaeto January 12, 2011
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