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We've all heard of the 1-10 scale for looks, but take a look at the 1-10 scale for personality.

1-Witch, beast,bitch, monster. A very mean person, someone that no one likes. Self-centered with a huge ego.
Not a single once of kindness.

2-Awful, one with an ugly personality. Normally a self-absored weasel.

3-Plain mean, always mean, always will be mean.

4-Below average/unattractive personality, may appeal to mind as well.

5-Average, the personality of an average person. May be slightly mean but only in certain situations.

6-Above average personality. Barely an angel but not a devil.

7-Nice, pretty nice. Sometimes mean, sweet and sour.

8-Friendly, your average friendly person, normally smart, too.

9-Nice, kind, sweet, friendly, often book smart and very street smart. Knows how to treat other people because they want to be treated the same way.

10-An angel, sweet, kind, friendly, nice, beautiful personality, smart, wise, can never hold a grudge or hurt anyone. Doesn't exist but the closet one can get is 9.9.
The 1-10 scale (personality) should be used more often.
by tamtam27 October 31, 2010
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