An extremely mild form of the video 2 girls 1 cup. In this video. We see a girl with her arms tied and a man holding her vagina open. She then proceeds to urinate into what is usually used as a vessel to hold a beverage, which is being held by the man. She fills it up most of the way. It looks as though the urine could just be a frothy beer. The man then proceeds to move it up and hold the pitcher to her lips. She drinks deeply until all of the urine has been consumed. It can also be seen running down the sides of her mouth onto her ripped white shirt. The video ends with the man using his incredibly small flaccid penis to urinate into said pitcher, insinuating to the user there is more urine consumption to proceed.
Me: Man I had some off-brand beer last night called CAMO.
Bob: How'd it taste man?
Me: It tasted like 1 Girl 1 Pitcher.
by CToTheBrome February 2, 2008
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A "sequel" to the video who started it all --2 girls 1 cup. This shock video starts with a man opening a woman's vagina as the woman urinates into a pitcher. The man holds the pitcher as she urinates. The woman, then drinks the urine. After she drank it, the man urinates into that same pitcher. The girl drinks his urine. The video ends with the man pooping on the girl and then spreads and rub the feces on her.
Tom: Hey Jack!
Jack: Hey, man. Wassup?
Tom: Nothing, want to get some beer?
Jack: thank you. I watched 1 girl 1 pitcher last night
Tom: What's that?
Jack: Google the video
*Tom Googles the video*

Jack: Hey man, hows the video?
Tom: SHUT UP! You fuckin jackass!
by xXangelwolfXx March 7, 2011
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