A term used to describe the person you hate most in the world. I.e. If you only had 1 bullet to kill one person in the world.
Boy : Man I hate that fat cunt. He is definitly my 1 Bullet
by Colm.. December 27, 2008
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the act of obtaining exactly 60 nukes with 1 bullet.
can be done at any time or place by those zzirGrizz enough to get it
i ran up towards A- flag, popped round the corner, then BAM! 60 nukes with 1 bullet outta nowhere
by 60nukes1bullet August 15, 2010
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Despite claims that the term came from A 21 Jump Street episode, a Fallout Boy song, or the movie High Fidelity, the term comes from the hardcore band Fugazi, who uses it in their song "Nice New Outfit."

"You're number one with a bullet,
That's money well spent,
Your mouth plastered like poster,
Address yourself success. "
You're number 1 with a bullet - Fan 01
That's money well spent - Fan 02
Your mouth plastered like poster - Fan 03
etc. . .
by P.h.D. Sean Cody Davis February 11, 2010
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