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This is when you aren’t worthy of fighting. You’re not even worthy of getting your ass kicked. This is when you are a mouthy little maggot who doesn’t know when to shut up and you say the wrong thing to the wrong guy. Then that guy decides to embarrass you and beat your ass with a stapler. He won’t even hit you with it but he’ll put 4 or 5 staples in your ass in front of the viewing public just to embarrass you for the bitch that you are while you cry like a baby. Everyone watching is laughing because this beatdown was a long time coming. You should be ashamed.
Hey Nate! Remember that time when...

Fuck you Ricky! I told you, stop talking or I’ll beat your ass! But you’re not even good enough for that! Because...when you’re a bitch I’m gonna just staple gun your ass. Bitch.

Only the sentence doesn’t really happen. Nate just tags Ricky with a stapler until he cries.
by Larry and Rex August 05, 2018
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