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The word *doesmannerism*, and its abbreviation *dm*, are used to represent a gesture known as 'the mannerism'. The mannerism involves three things: A slight shrug of the shoulder, open palms facing upwards, and a puzzled expression on the face. This particular gesture is used to express puzzlement and disapproval, or to indicate that the person performing it finds an idea ludicrous. Similar gestures have been used commonly for centuries, but the actual naming and refinement of the mannerism can be attributed to several members of gaming publication Hyper>>, namely Cam Shea, Kosta Andreadis and Eliot Fish. If the mannerism is performed incorrectly, it is known as a 'can't mannerism' or a 'Steve mannerism' after journalist Steve Farrelly's poor execution of the gesture. The mannerism has since become a part of the internet vernacular on many gaming forums.
Microsoft fly gaming journalists the world over to the U.S, where the are to hold a press conference to make an important announcement. The next Halo perhaps? No, they announce nothing more than the XBOX's new slogan, "Let's Play Together".


by Bjay (DM) August 23, 2006
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*does mannerism* is a common reply for anything pointless or plain stupid.
The mannerism its self looks like a shrug with both hands facing downward, and a wiry smile on the mannerism giver.
"I think that Super man 64 is a great game!"
-*does mannerism*

"Jar Jar Binks is so funny"
-*does mannerism*
by Ben Niedorfer May 21, 2005
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