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A 0 K man (zero on the Kinsey scale).

A man who really likes women and has developed a taste and appreciation for all of their diversity in sizes and other physical features from many races.

A man who feels zero attraction/repulsion whatsoever for other men.

A real man who has no problems having gay friends and supporting their human rights. So straight that he's never intimidated or offended if a gay man hits on him or tries to seduce him; he will decline politely and keep the friendship.
Tom: -I'm sorry I tried to kiss you-

Jorge: -I'd never even noticed you liked me in that way-

Tom: -You don't even have a gay vibe, I should've known better-

Jorge: -Come on now don't get so serious and apologetic, never mind that, life goes on-

Tom: -Awesome, lets grab a beer or have breakfast... some time?...-

Jorge: -Sure! like we always do, relax dude-

Tom: -Haha, you're so cool, you're überstraight -

Jorge: -Hey thanks, I guess-
by wndacova February 28, 2015
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