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Pronounced; ou-gren.

Swedish slang for being hungover(swedish: bakis) or having anxiety.(swedish: ångest)

ågren is also an common swedish lastname
Oh, man i shouldn't have drunk so much last night, major ågren inbound dude.

Alltså, mannen du drack för mycket igår, du kommer ha sån jävla ågren idag!
by henkefoppa March 21, 2011
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Forcing a girl to make out with her friend just after she sucks your dick. While she is in the midst of sharing your kid candy, you take both of your hands and shove them into each girls ass applying what is known as the Harrington wristwatch. Believe me, it makes your boom boom go zoom zoom.
He was just about to apply the Harrington wrist watch, when he thought, I should give her and her lady friend a grens the good ol' fashioned way to start things off right!
by Jimmy2Legs March 22, 2007
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