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A Norwegian abbreviation of the English word "awesome".
Dude 1:Dude, did you see the latest Brad Pit movie?

Dude 2: Yeah, it was totally Åsm!
by Åsm doodster September 20, 2010
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Also known as "Assembly" or "Assembler" language.

- A very low level programming language used mainly to program parts of operating systems, drivers, boot loaders and other very elementary pieces of software.

- A set of instructions representing the architectures instruction set, assembled directly to machine code instruction for instruction.
movzx edx, ax
shr eax, 16
add eax, edx
mov edx, eax

2) x86 asm is teh r0x0r

lamer: I know C++. I pwns j00 all
someguy: I know asm so stfu moron
lamer: lololol wtf is asm?
by My Name? December 28, 2003
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In the Like a little chat rooms if the University has one you use it to ask the Age, Sex and Major(s).... to identify the person before you engage in any "frolicking"..

Invented in Ottawa Ontario.
Apple_23@ hey baby, ASM 21, F, Law...
by Monaster2424 February 27, 2011
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Assistant Stage Manager. Deals with many aspects of backstage work such as set and props.

The Stage Manager's slaves. Often given the jobs no other techie will do.

The company tea-maker.
Get the ASM to do it.
by lbarbs April 24, 2007
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Pronounced: Asm is pronounced as one would normally say awesome. Asm is just the written form of the word awesome.

An abbreviation for the word awesome. Can be used as a descriptive word in many instances.
"Did you see Punchline's set at the concert last night?"- Danielle

"Yeah, it was wicked asm!"- Vicky
by Vick5y July 03, 2006
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ASM means an Attention Seeking Monster. Someone or a group of people who constantly want all the attention to the point where they turn into complete monsters. They MUST be the center of Attention and will not deal with anyone else having a thought or oppenion that takes the eye off of them.
ASM- "I almost dies while driving the other day..."

Friend-"Thats horrible, what happend?"

ASM- "I almost ran over a pedestrian with a baby stroler.."

Friend- "Oh my gosh, was the pedestrian and baby okay?"

ASM- "Yea, but it was me sho almost hit them. I could of like totally died!"
by Crazy Frog Rocks February 05, 2010
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