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Originally used to describe white persons who appeared to hold 'anti-Caucasian' biases or viewpoints, it now applies to all males who seem to embrace opinions that oppose or denigrate any group to which they obviously belong (i.e. gender, weight, religion, creed, hair color, social class, etc.)

Gender roles: A man who argues for and holds the opinions that are usually expected of a militant 'anti-male' woman. He is considered an 'enabler' or 'yes man' to an extreme version of feminism, despite being male himself. Not to be confused with a male who supports equal rights or gender equality, this person takes an 'male bashing" mindset to the extreme.
That guy is always saying "Men are pigs" or "Men can't be trusted", what is he? An Uncle Tim?
by OxfordGrad85 June 08, 2014
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Uncle Tim is that uncle who never stops talking. You often avoid confrontation with him because you know that he could spend 45 minutes talking about the smallest of things.
You will know if you have an Uncle Tim if you have ever experienced the following:
You hear the doorbell ring. You peak your head down the hallway to see who it is, and it's your Uncle Tim. Instead of letting him in like a kind person would do, you precede to hide in hopes that he will think that you are out and leave. If you knew that your Uncle Tim was going to be coming over you could probably avoid these things, but one of the many wonderful things about Uncle Tim is that he comes to your house unannounced, with no prior warning at all. An Uncle Tim is still under the impression that just because he is family, he can just drop by your house any time he wants, unannounced, uninvited, not even a friendly phonecall to say "hey could I come over?" This is mostly due to the fact that Uncle Tim's never really get invited anywhere, so after many years of this they just invite themselves, with no prior warning. You also try to avoid talking to your Uncle Tim on the phone, because just because he isn't face to face with you, that doesn't mean he can't talk to you for an hour on the phone. If you get a call from your Uncle Tim, you usually lie that you can't talk right now because the shower is running.
At the end of the day, when everything is all said an done, your Uncle Tim is a nice guy who means well, and you actually agree with a lot of the things he says, it's just that he doesn't know when enough is enough and he lacks common courtesy for others. You would never get rid of him, even if you could, because even though your life might be more peaceful and calm, family gatherings just wouldn't be the same without your Uncle Tim sitting all alone in the house while everybody else is outside, wanting so bad for someone to come inside so he can give them a 45 minute speech on proper table manners.
by The Fap King August 02, 2018
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un-cle tim
1. A family relative who is either the brother of your mother or father or more commonly married to your mother or fathers brother or sister. The Uncle Tim will be known for having sexual intercourse with either you, your siblings, other young relatives, or other little boys and girls in your town without their consent, weather is physical force or using drugs to make the victim unconscious. After the Uncle Tim has, fucked the living shit out of you, he will tell you to not tell anyone, or else he would kill your parents, after which he will come back for seconds, thirds, all the time, raping all the time, for the rest of your entire life. Statistics show that about 96.4% of people in the united states have an Uncle Tim, and 24.2% of people are an Uncle Tim themselves.

2. A respectable Steam user who goes by the name Uncle Tim.
"My Uncle Tim ****ed the living **** out of me until my ***** **** and then pulled out his **** and put it in my *** with ***** and **** ****** *** **** and then he ***** *** ****** then **** *** **** and then he told me if i ever told anyone what he had done he would kill my parents."
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Whites who challenge white racism and white supremacy.

The term originated in poor faith towards a white anti-racist activist Tim Wise.
That guy is challenging my racist behavior, and he's white too!?! What an Uncle Tim!

Does he hate white people?
by MastersDegreeTeeHee June 08, 2010
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