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The feelng you get when you know someone behind you is talking about you, but you can't hear what they are saying.
Jeez, I hate it when my Seventh Sense is tingeling.
by Dee Lee February 03, 2009
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"The seventh sense is an evolutionary step which consists of the Etheric Being within a body and the genetic template or more specific, reactions of the DNA within the genetic template as they work together to take a new step forward. As the DNA sense specific resonance from the Etheric Being which has attached to the body at the interface within the heart area, micro antenna rise within three organs in the head area which allows these three organs to unify and work together. The outcome of this unification results in a toroidal field forming in the head area which allows the Etheric Being to signal upstream or outside of the time-space holographic reality membrane, which the body is interacting within, to allow the Higher Self to send a toned down version of self to work with the consciousness of the Etheric Being already present thereby allowing an identity shift with the toned down version of Higher Self which then moves into the body bypassing the interface at the heart area and connecting directly to the new sensory field called the Seventh Sense which now resides in the head area. This allows the individual to then function without the programming found in the interface which is meant to control the individual and keep them locked in ignorance of self and self's potential, history, and true identity as an Infinite Natured Being." --Guy Lozier, Author/Director/Producer
His new behaviors have contributed to his development of his seventh sense.
by Guy Lozier August 12, 2018
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