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Dream Maker is a term that can be applied to anyone that will support, assist and promote the personal dreams and desires of another person(s). Dream maker is one who will help make your dreams come true. Word has been used and published in titled Lethal Weapon -Taking The Step Out Of Step Parenting Antonyms: DreamTaker
1. She shared with her peers that her chosen mate is her Dream Maker because he has made all of her dreams come true by adding his love and his children to her single life. . 2. He shared with his peers that his chosen mate is his Dream Maker because he has made all of his dreams come true by adding her love to his single life.
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by JamArt March 03, 2018
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It is a males penis used before both passing out and going into dream state
Guy 1: I fucked my girl last before she fell asleep, I used my dreamaker so she can dream of unicorns and rainbows.

Guy 2: That's a pretty powerful dreammaker, since she still sleeping and smiling.
Guy 1: Yup
by That Raffy Taffy January 26, 2015
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