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"kooky" smiley of a face winking or wincing with one eye and smiling with a suspiciously peculiar smile. It is used in texting/chat to indicate that the one sending the smiley is feeling: kooky, crazy, mentally/internally conflicted, and is trying to reassure themselves mentally and to sound "convincing" while experiencing a mild form of anxiety and/or doubt about their understanding of what the other person just said. Usually caused by false thinking and/or assumptions.
Person A- ...I'm at a party ;D
Person B- Cool! Whose party is it?
Person A- My friends
Person A- From high school
Person B- Is it a birthday party? 8-D
Person A- Yea!
Person B- *guesses friend's name excitedly*
Person A- Lol no
Person A- You don't know him
Person B- ;} did he go to (insert random high school name here)
Person A- No
Person A- (actual name of high school that (friend who is having a party) went to.)

(Conversation continues)
by nicolasdjondo February 09, 2014
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a quirky wink and smile. used to flirt with people.
GIRL: so you wanna hang out right now??

GUY: ;} hell yes
by Thai Ho January 09, 2009
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