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noun -one of a kind human male sub-species derived from across the board government collusion in their covering up HCA Frist domestic torture through total disregard of FDA Recalls while conducting strictly for profit non-consensual medical experimentation followed with lab-rat abandonment aka surgeon engaged in patient dumping in extreme rural central nowhere amongst the rapidly dwindling population of aging thus redefined as 2nd class citizens having contributed their entire lives into & now that the time to receive back has arrived we are subject to Reagan implemented changes to SSA Regulations more draconian than solitary confinement in a communist prison all of which were manifested by and for self interests of the GOP!
The (prairie)bearchelor was a human allergic to opiates and OTC medications that categorically qualified for medical marijuana but by bureaucratic process was made a primary care doctor's patient of the local rural hospital/clinics that receive(d) federal grant funds therefore regardless staff and physicians are licensed to practice medicine in the state of Colorado they are subject to federal law thus they cannot recommend patients to the MMJ Registry regardless of the patients condition...under SSA Disability Regulations clients who enter into a relationship are deemed devoid of any & all government assistance responsibility for which is assigned to the love interest that must agree to accept full fiscal responsibility for said client & this includes total reimbursement to SSA and repayment of all past medical expenditures ...and if that weren't enough to inspire a 2nd revolutionary war the love interest must binding contract agree to provide all needs of the client for the rest of their natural lives regardless whether the relationship lasts!:-( btw I AM the prairie bearchelor
by windskull August 02, 2012
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