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A south korean girl band or a kpop group that debuted in 2018,they are from cube entertainment and their sister groups are clc and 4minute.They have 6 members: Minnie,Soojin,Soyeon,Yuqi,Miyeon and Shuhua.They release a debut song called Latata!
hera: omg you stan (g)idle too!
jaehyun: bitch fuck yes i do,i only stan talent so i stan (g)idle
by raviyeoli June 02, 2018
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A rookie group who can sing live on the very debut.(with proof)and have a unique charisma.
Matt:did you hear (G)-idle latata?it is my bop
Me:it is DA SHIT.
SINGS the whole I Am album..
by 3 dolla August 16, 2018
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(G)I-DLE’s a south-korean girl group which debuted under cube entertainment. It consists of 6 members— Soyeon, Miyeon, Soojin, Shuhua, Yuqi, Minnie. stan them tku ❤️
Yoojin : Hey! Did you hear (G)I-DLE’s new track?

Haeun : Yea, HANN, was amazing! So was their debut single, LATATA !!
by yehshuhua September 08, 2018
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A 6 piece South Korean group who only have one good member. Massive visual hole. Predicted to flop next comeback. They're the youngest group under Cube Entertainment but their fans act as if they're the only group. Debuted with 'Latata' but the members unfortunately cannot sing.
Sorn: (G)idle debuted! Our little sisters!
(G)idle Fans: Time to shit all over CLC.
by Jiwoo'sTalent July 05, 2018
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