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Definition/ Short term relationship (STR):

In the event that two people seemingly are attracted to each other but one person may be moving. A (STR) allows two individuals to spend as much time as possible exploring each other's hearts, souls, and minds up until said departure date. They shall live each day up until that point with no regret of fear of the future nor the past, allowing both people to truly enjoy the current point in time. Aka (the moment).

Upon departure they will remain friends and always remeber the good memories made during the (STR) in hopes they will meet again one day..
Cody met a amazing girl named Cori while dancing. Unfortunetly he is moving 2500 miles away in 4 weeks, he still really likes Cori so he asks her if she's interested in a (STR) short term relationship..

She has yet to accept the terms but there is hope.

Either way he thinks she is amazing and has so much potential.
by Modernfuelfitness April 15, 2014
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