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A person that, upon sleeping with the back of their head resting against a vertical or sub-vertical surface, and with their mouth wide open, resembles that of a Pig-Fish Hybrid, or PigFish.

Religious Fundamentalists of the newly-formed PigFishology sector claim that the PigFish has the ability to prophecise, when in reality scientists have determined he is only capable of excessive drooling, and stating what is happening in the direct present, thus rendering him essentially useless; nothing more than a PigFish with a nose an almost exact scale replica of a stingray.

Often complains that digital photographic manipulation is the cause of the Pig-Fish Hybrid morphology, but as yet has provided no evidence to support its claims.
Man : My god, look at that guy sleeping!
Woman : That's no human. It's a PigFish.
Man : Could he be prophecising, do you think?
Woman : Possibly. Or at least, he's trying his best to. After all, he is drooling quite a lot.
Man : My god. It's a (Prophecising) PigFish!
Woman : I think I'm gonna be sick.
by Dichard Rawkins October 05, 2009
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