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(C.) Harrison is a wave. Ride this. A type of wave identified in the likeness of a person. When a wave becomes anthropomorphic.

(Noun, adjective and verb)

Noun: Something or someone who is super intense and contends with boring ways of going about existing.

Adjective: Smooth and relaxed in a fiery way. Like the sun in the way of awakening liveliness in others. Really super magnetically cute.

Verb: to dunk on a stalemate or to wear new clothes after a long period of wearing old smelly moldy rags.
Im feeling not myself, as if the life i'm living is not mine, as if I can no longer wear this. For the sake of my survival, I need to (C.) Harrison (verb) this whole situation and be (C.) Harrison (adjective) beaming from inspiration from a (C.) Harrison (noun).
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by starsonriver August 02, 2018
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